When my husband and I moved to northern Virginia a few years ago, we discovered that the storied hunt country of yore was alive and well, and very welcoming. We joined our local foxhunt and various foot hunts (bassets, beagles), and have been delighted by the sport ever since.

Car following a foxhunt (not so very different from riding to one) is a combination of excitement and waiting around for something to happen. It’s more fun if you have something to do, and so the photography business was born. I started with producing photo essays for my fellow hunt members and turned professional soon after that.

My work has been published in Virginia Sportsman, The Chronicle of the Horse, Covertside, and other sporting publications, newsletters, calendars, and so forth. You can find my work on KLM Images.

Karen L Myers
Tyrone, Pennsylvania

cell: 408-242-5580
2635 Baughman Cemetery Road
Tyrone, PA 16686



A meuse, a hole in a hedge maintained by rabbits

Sitting on the ground, taking pictures of a hole in a hedge